Quality Over Quantity  December 24, 2018 18:53

  The fashion industry is a huge industry. With the competition being real high we needed to take some specific actions to stand out. Besides the variety of designs and products, we focused on quality and authenticity.


Quality, the worse thing a shopper can face is buying something they love that doesn’t last for a long time. I personally shopped with big brand names ( i wouldn’t mention the names here ) and paid top dollars then they shrink by a size or two after the first wash. That was disappointing. Every brand has to stand behind their quality and that’s something we do. 


  We produce top quality because of two reason. First, we use top quality fabrics. They cost us a little more than the standard fabrics but it makes it worth it for our shoppers. Secondly, all our products are made of pre-shrunk fabrics. So the fabrics are pre-washed before they are cut and sewed and that brings the shrinkage down to a minimal after purchase. These two reason were the main backbone of returned customers to our brand and we are proud of such decisions as we see how it paid off.


  Authenticity, anyone can make a shirt and place on it some fashion designer printing. That doesn’t show much effort put in each piece, also it facilitates the process for people to be able to clone these products. 


  Beside the efforts we put in the quality, we make sure to add some little touches to every piece to make sure our shoppers are getting the real deal. Most of our products will notice at least one to two custom made woven labels in every piece we make. The main woven label is always placed at the bottom of every shirt and recently we added a custom made official 1ON1 woven label to the back of the shirt. These labels add value to the products, increases authenticity and blocks the clones from approaching a high valued product. 


  A lot of up and coming brands take short cuts in these little extra efforts and will run into a wall as soon as they enter the market. Our advise from one brand to another, take the extra steps and give your customers a valued product. Your loyal fans will appreciate it and it will pay off on the long run. 


Thank you for reading our fashion blog