MMA Fashion January 7, 2019 20:58

MMA fashion has been a grey area as most of the brands produce products that are standard for mma workout rituals. 1ON1 Clothing decided to take a different route in this industry.

MMA Fighters are fit athletes that have a swag outside of their work out lifestyle, so why provide them with only workout attire and not make sure we cater to their swag out on their streets? Now we dropped some rashguards in the past and we will be bringing new ones in 2019; however, our focus is on the outfits outside of the gym. Men and Women fighters have a nice physic and are up to date with the fashion trends and our focus is not just to be one of those mma t shirt brands that will bring you a t shirt and a rashguard. 

We have a collection of t shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, joggers, windbreakers, hats, snapbacks, leggings and tanktops. soon enough the variety of women streetwear collection will expand and is the men collection.

We are working closely with some of the top Los Angeles fashion designers that know whats in now and we want to make sure we are up to date with the fashion trend in this market.

Stay tuned and thank you for reading this fashion blog