MMA Brands Gain Publicity From Fighters January 4, 2019 16:37

  Every streetwear brand starts around a culture. some start as a skater brand, some as a surfer brand and some just revolve around a pitch or an industry theme. 

  1ON1 clothing is a streetwear brand that started in the MMA world. MMA is believed to date back to the ancient Olympics of 632 BCE. Back to the martial training of the Greek armies.

  Now, MMA has gained it's big screen recognition in the past 25 years which was the beginning of the UFC era. And now the sport is global and watched by fighters and non-fighters. 

  Every brand has caught some attention from the active fighters that got to represent the brand. For example, In the past,  Affliction clothing had their affliction tee shirts represented by the hall of fame Randy Cotoure.Also, Bad Boy fight gear had the number 2 middle weight contender Alexander Gustafsson display their brand to the public in multiple events. Finally, 1ON1 clothing had their gear represented by champion Cris Cyborg and Pedro Munhoz and the list goes on ...

  These famous athletes give a strong recognition to the brands as they are public figures. These public figures have a major fan base that will pay attention to what they do, eat and wear. All of that is to the benefit of the brands that work with the fighters.

  In every streetwear culture, the brands capitalize on any love they can get from celebrities. wether it's a sponsorship deal or just a good event that the celebrity chooses to wear this brand. It's just one of the ways this brand will gain the publics trust and grow.


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