Long Sleeve Shirts December 19, 2018 23:13

Making clothing products can be tricky, You have to make pieces that look good and serve a purpose.

As you all know, we are a Los Angeles based brand. And living in LA, we dont have a real cold winter. Like today we were walking around under 68 degrees weather in the middle of December!!

How does it effect our production? I will tell you how. Basically our winter hoodies will sell all around the United States and globally more than selling locally in Los Angeles, so we make sure we cater to both; Outside of LA and In LA.

Our mens fashion new long sleeve shirts were released 3 days ago and we are already sold out on couple of sizes. All sales were locally. Not surprised. As we ll know it serves the 68 degrees weather for all our local people.

The new long sleeve shirts were released in Black and White in 100% Cotton. It's a simple look with all the official 1ON1 logos on it chest, lower front and the lower back.

For our local clients, don't worry we will re-stock the sold out sizes next Monday and for our nationwide and global clients. it's a great piece to wear under a jacket. it's light on the body with a smooth body fit. You will feel good and look good. Check out the pics below.


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