1ON1 is a streetwear brand that was established in 2011 in Los Angeles, California. It was created by Mr. Younis who is currently the CEO of the Company. Mr. Younis Grew up in a third world country and migrated to the United States when he was 17.  He was in involved in multiple sports and one of them being MMA, which inspired the concept, 1ON1. He said this sport is like life, No one will get anything done for you. You got to get it done yourself, 1ON1.

  Challenge and competition were the way he believed goals were achieved. So he interpreted the process of achieving the impossible as a must be handled 1ON1 situation.
   With that being said, Fashion was a hobby of his. Besides the fact that he liked to shop and dress up fashionably to all his occasions. He expressed his passion to taking shirts and hoodies and adding some touches to them and then wear them.

  Now mixing the two, The 1ON1 concept and his passion to Fashion; The brand was created to bring the best trends in fashion designing and started with mens fashion. Womens clothe dropped 6 months ago and 2019 will have an equal variety for mens fashion and womens fashion.

  1ON1 has showcased a refined trend in the streetwear fashion industry. It reflects an identity, lifestyle and a vision. 1ON1 was first recognized by famous MMA celebrities around the world and now it has evolved to a lot of sports celebrities; from Basketball, Football, soccer and finally the streetwear audience. In other word, 1ON1 has become an official global streetwear brand as it brings a unique vibe to the fashion culture.

"The Concept" of 1ON1

The "1ON1" concept starts within you. It ignites "The Greatness Within" and you are the only one that can take charge of that. 1ON1 is  "YOU" When you handle your business,  "YOU" When you chase your goals and "YOU" when you take the extra step to prove everyone wrong.
When you hit the finish line and raise your victorious arms!! you have reached "The Greatness Within" and that's "1ON1".
Now since you have a better idea of the 1ON1 mentality; switch your button "ON" Think 1ON1

" Collection Variety " 

The brand started with a simple t-shirt then it followed with every single fashion piece you can think of: 1ON1 today produces Tshirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Sweatpants, Windbreakers, Snapbacks, Hats, Dadhats and Beanies.